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Perkiomen Valley Youth Basketball

Boys Dribblers (Gr 1-2)

2017-2018 Game Schedule

Boys Dribblers Division
******Games are at South Elementary Gym******
Game Times: Saturday 11:00 - 5:00 at South
Week #1 (Photo Day)
Saturday, December 2nd
Team & Individual photos will be taken throughout the day
schedule will be based on your game time
11:00 Dougherty vs. Moeller
Noon Glauner vs. Whitaker
1:00 Rittenhouse vs. Marks
2:00 Cress vs. McCabe
3:00 Stein vs. Stute
4:00 Motley vs. Chicco
5:00 Whipple vs. Kauffman
Week #2
Saturday, December 9th
11:00 Stute vs. Kauffman
Noon Stein vs. Whipple
1:00 McCabe vs. Chicco
2:00 Glauner vs. Moeller
3:00 Motley vs. Rittenhouse
4:00 Marks vs. Cress
5:00 Dougherty vs. Whitaker
Week #3
Saturday, December 16th
11:00 Stein vs. Rittenhouse
Noon Marks vs. Dougherty
1:00 Whitaker vs. Motley
2:00 Stute vs. Whipple
3:00 Kauffman vs. Glauner
4:00 Chicco vs. Cress
5:00 McCabe vs. Moeller
Happy Holidays!
The gyms are closed from December 23RD thru January 1ST 2018
Week #4
Saturday, January 6th
11:00 Cress vs. Stute
Noon Whipple vs. McCabe
1:00 Glauner vs. Rittenhouse
2:00 Chicco vs. Kauffman
3:00 Whitaker vs. Moeller
4:00 Stein vs. Dougherty
5:00 Marks vs. Motley
Week #5
Saturday, January 13th
11:00 Rittenhouse vs. Moeller
Noon Motley vs. Chicco
1:00 Glauner vs. Stute
2:00 Marks vs. Dougherty
3:00 Kauffman vs. Whitaker
4:00 McCabe vs. Stein
5:00 Whipple vs. Cress
Week #6
Saturday, January 20st
11:00 Whitaker vs. Glauner
Noon Cress vs. Stein
1:00 Moeller vs. Whipple
2:00 McCabe vs. Motley
3:00 Rittenhouse vs. Kauffman
4:00 Marks vs. Chicco
5:00 Stute vs. Dougherty
Week #7
Saturday, January 27th
11:00 Chicco vs. Rittenhouse
12:00 Glauner vs. Stein
1:00 Marks vs. Stute
2:00 Cress vs. Dougherty
3:00 Whitaker vs. Whipple
4:00 Motley vs. Moeller
5:00 Kauffman vs. McCabe
Week #8
Saturday, February 3rd
11:00 Kauffman vs. Motley
Noon Whipple vs. Rittenhouse
1:00 Stein vs. Chicco
2:00 McCabe vs. Stute
3:00 Cress vs. Glauner
4:00 Moeller vs. Dougherty
5:00 Whitaker vs. Marks
Week #9
Saturday, February 10th
11:00 Glauner vs. Marks
Noon Whitaker vs. Cress
1:00 Whipple vs. Motley
2:00 McCabe vs. Rittenhouse
3:00 Stein vs. Moeller
4:00 Stute vs. Chicco
5:00 Dougherty vs. Kauffman
Week #10
Saturday, February 17th
11:00 Motley vs. Stute
Noon Moeller vs. Cress
1:00 Glauner vs. Whipple
2:00 Rittenhouse vs. Whitaker
3:00 Marks vs. McCabe
4:00 Chicco vs. Dougherty
5:00 Stein vs. Kauffman

2016-17 Season Schedule CLICK HERE

Practices start Nov. 9; Games start first weekend in December

No playoffs for this division – extra games will be played

All games are at SOUTH ELEMENTARY


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